/yeah, i thought about that before i posted. I guess i assumed ladies post-orchi are on some kinda hormones that would help with getting in the mood, etc.?  but i don’t know, i am probably being more human centered and speciesist than i am transphopic when i think about cats and their sexualities. Like i really don’t know what’s going on there, mentally desexulizing them doesn’t seem to help. i don’t really want a cat to have sex with me, but here we are.  :/ 

Can neutered cats orgasm? My cat is 5 and has been castrated for over 4 years… but he gets boners all the time and tries real hard to fuck pillows and my leg and like… what’s going on there? Is he achieving orgasm? It makes me feel really sad if he can’t… also curious about why he is aroused at all… ?



Tranzister Radio #27 : Audio Zine!  - August 14th, 2014 
Listen on Mixcloud - or - Download MP3

Our Audio Zine edition coincides with our first ever publication : Paper Radio! It features interviews with 4 trans zine makers: Maranda Elizabeth, Frankie Evans, Squid, and Sybil Lamb!

This Episode features awesome music by:

This episode was produced by the birthday girl Morgan Sea with help from her bestie, Raphaele Frigon. It will also be accompanied by our small publication - TRANZISTER PAPER RADIO! Check that out here!

 Maranda Elizabeth - based in Toronto - Author of the long running zine Telegram, Edith, How to Support/$upport the Writer &/or Artist in you Life! and many other zines.

Frankie Evans - based in Montreal - Author of Impossible Creatures 1-3, Eyebrow Cat and Void Vacation

Squid - Based in London, UK - Author of How Very Dare you do you Own thing with Gender and in the band Squid and the Krakens

Sybil Lamb - Based in Toronto - Author of I’ve got a Time Bomb, Trannypunk.com and is also a Painter, Cartoonist and More!


Tranzister Radio is the premier Trans 4 Trans talk show on CKUT 90.3fm. Hosted by Morgan Sea and Raphaele Frigon, the show airs on the second thursday of every month at 2pm.

Interested in getting involved in the show?
Email us at transfolkradio(at)gmail(dot)com

Episode 27 is 75 minutes of awesomeness!



PAPER RADIO a zine by morgan sea

To coincide with Tranzister Radio #27 - the Audio Zine edition - click here to stream or download the episode! 

This is a little double side legal paper that folds up like a funny map so that you get both a pocket sized paper to remind you to listen to community radio more often, and folds out to make a little fan poster about neat trans zine makers that we talk to on the show.

This is the thing i stayed up real late making. i am pretty proud of it.   

36 gruelling Art Hours!

So friday after my birthday i had a sugar hangover and a plan to spend the day making a one page zine about Tranzister Radio, and i was up till 5 in the morning, and woke up at 9 and finished it by like1:30, it was pretty elaborate. And I was real tired and went to the printers twice cause i forgot my stuff at home the first time. But eventually i got to the bookfair and wondered around the room for 3-4 hours trading zines and meeting people and feeling all funny and tired, but luckily not grumpy.

Then after getting supper with a bunch of sweet people, I went to Queeroes, an event i was supposed to read at and had only gotten added to the bill on thursday, but hadn’t really had time to think about it that much. All the readers were super awesome and well prepared i think and I went on last and improvised a script for a slide show i’ve presented a couple times, and i think it’s the best version i’ve ever done and people seemed to really like it. 

It was a hard gruelling day and a half and i can’t believe i worked to rooms of cool (sometimes intimidating) queers and made i think a pretty good impression. 

Then as a reward i got to go home and sleep!