white vegans be like “honey is unethical because the bees worked so hard on it that’s why I like the completely ethical alternative of sugar harvested by underpaid and abused fieldworkers”

I fell asleep watching this Errol Morris film last night.

It’s really amazing i never saw it before. It has interviews intercut with these really dreamy re-enactment scenes and Phillip Glass music. I was really good but i was really tired and its like a beautiful lullaby about cop killing.

I was downstairs at Raph’s house and when i noticed we had both fallen asleep we stopped the film and i went up stairs to my place and it felt so weird. i had a feeling that there was like a murderer hiding up here. When i turned the lights off i realized my neighbor had kept his light on on the balcony we share and it’s a blue bulb, so this weird bluelight came in my bedroom window.

The whole thing was pretty eerie and i had a hard time sleeping. I really wanted to watch the rest of the movie, but was sorta scared to watch it alone.





Ellen Page & Laverne Cox | GLAAD Media Awards 2014

Ellen Page is a tiny gumshoe detective working to expose a ring of corrupt politicians! Laverne Cox is the charismatic club hostess who gives her the inside scoop on all of her cases! Can they put aside their torrid romantic past to secure a statuette full of top-secret microfilm?

Coming this Christmas: TINY DETECTIVE.