Secret Identity Politics - Public Intervention - 2014 - Performance by Morgan Sea - Photos by Raphaële Frigon

In this performance we compare the public’s reaction to a costumed superhero patrolling the streets and an oddly dressed transsexual. A large piece of purple fabric acts as both a makeshift cape and haute couture dress, social signifiers that help the public recognize the performer as Superhero / Woman. Without these signifiers, public comprehension drops significantly.


Anonymous asked:

I got in an argument with a truscum because I called myself transgender instead of a transsexual as if there's some huge difference between the two other than the fact that the transsexual tag is 99 percent porn.

skysquids answered:

i use them pretty much interchangeably.  different folks and different trans subcultures use different language.  i try to not get bent out of shape about it.



I try not to get bent out of shape about it either, but they’re not interchangeable and there’s a lot of history that gets walked on when they’re used as though they’re the same.

that’s fair.  i tend to use ‘transgender’ more often because ‘transsexual’ has a connotation of being more lurid, and also more indicative of a medical model.  i hear what you’re saying and i think you’re right.  i take back what i said.

i use “Transsexual!” cause when i say it out loud i get the sensation of throwing a chair into the audience on Jerry Springer… what a feeling!



in 2010, a friend at the time prompted me at dinner to draw a xenomorph (“the alien from alien”) and a gay duck on a date. i found the original art recently and liked the watercolor, but found the linework kind of fussy, so i re-drew the linework in my current style. a funny blend of styles! i like interacting with old work.






*Trans woman walks out of a women’s restroom*

Cis woman: What were you doing in the women’s restroom?? I don’t really feel safe with people like you in there.

Trans woman: I was only defusing a bomb planted by agents of the patriarchy.

Cis woman: Wow, you’re really cool! Who are you?

Trans woman: The name’s Ronolactone.  Spy Ronolactone.  Now, do you mind if I go back in there and pee? I was super focused on defusing that bomb, and I didn’t exactly have time to take a pee break.

Cis woman: Um… I don’t think I’m comfortable with that.

Trans woman:  Seriously?? Fine, I was hoping I wouldn’t have to use my… license to pee! *holds up legal ID with ‘F’ gender marker*


Later in the episode…

Dr. TERF: Any last words before I lower you into this pool of sharks, Mister “Spy Ronolactone”, if that is your real name?

Spy Ronolactone: Of course it’s not my real name.  It’s a goddamn pun.

Dr. TERF: Spoken like a true infiltrator.  Prepare to get eaten by sharks.  This will show the government not to send their gender agents after me!

Spy Ronolactone:  You think the government sent me? The same government with whom you used your position as medical adviser to deny me healthcare?? The same government with whom I had to go through months of stress and headache just to get my ID?

Dr. TERF: … *pulls the lever to lower Spy Ronolactone into the pool of sharks*

A few minutes later, after Spy Ronolactone uses an implausible gadget to escape and a well-choreographed fight scene ensues…

Dr. TERF: Noooooo!!! I’ve fallen into my own pool of sharks!!! *The sharks begin to devour her* You can’t eat me, sharks! I know biology, and I know that sharks don’t eat people!

Shark: But you kept us hungry so that we would eat people! You can’t have your “biology” both ways! *takes another bite*

Spy Ronolactone: Mmmm….. Surf and TERF.

Radio: Agent Ronolactone, excellent work!  Report back to the Baeddelship for debriefing.

A few minutes later, back onboard the Baeddelship, Spy Ronolactone is walking down an empty corridor towards a lone door at the end of the hall, a plain wooden door ominously marked in small serif font: DEBRIEFING ROOM. 

She opens the door, revealing a massive recreation room, full of trans women in various states of dress and undress. Some have formed large cuddle piles on the carpeted areas; some are playing video games; and some are quietly reading books off in the less crowded areas, wearing noise-cancelling headphones and sipping herbal tea.

Spy Ronolactone: Ah…. finally. *her cell phone rings* Dammit. *answers* Hello?

Shark: Hey, um, this is one of the sharks that ate Dr. TERF. I’m the one that swallowed her head. You see, she genetically engineered us to be able to talk, but we’ve gotten kind of bored and lonely just talking amongst ourselves in this little pool. So anyway, I feel kind of awkward asking this, but could we come to your party?

Spy Ronolactone: That depends.  Are you cis?

Shark: Um… I dunno. We’re sharks?

Spy Ronolactone: Fair enough. Are you men?

Shark: Again… we’re sharks.  We don’t really have a concept of “gender”.

Dr. TERF: *heard yelling inside the shark, voice muffled* That’s what I’ve been fighting for! The destruction of gender with sharks!

Shark: Um… sorry about that…

Spy Ronolactone: Alright.  Finish digesting her and come hang out with us.


Announcer: Next time, on Spy Ronolactone!

*camera cuts to Spy Ronolactone confronting Dr. Brony in his malodorous Man Cave*

Dr. Brony: You say that you, as a *scare quotes* “trans woman”, experience *scare quotes* “transmisogyny” that is worse than the oppression that I face, as a brony, for being a man who likes something that is *scare quotes* "feminine*? Explain how that isn’t heteromisandrist… using LOGIC!

*A robot, covered in suspicious stains, holding a deadly laser pistol in each hand, steps out of the shadows*

Dr. Brony: Logic Checking Bot here will examine your arguments for fallacies! So let’s try to be…

Spy Ronolactone: *scare quotes*

Dr. Brony: …objective!


I felt like reposting this trashy screenplay I wrote for a transfeminist spy show.


this is so beautiful i’m going to cry