Gabrielle and I hosting the ASTTeQ fundraiser, which she organized.  Also Some nice photos with An Thorne! 

These photos make me feel bad cause i think dang i got bad teeth and wow are my arms hairy… but my tits are spectacular… so that would be a plus if a drag queen hadn’t grabbed my tits and complimented them before telling me to shave my arms.

The night was also really funny cause we had a really skilled technician working the problematic Cafe Cleo’s lights and sound board, but he also had a mic back stage and wouldn’t shut up. He was basically a misogynist 3rd host, introing/outroing people and making dick sucking jokes. It was very confusing, but apparently he regularly hosts/techs drag shows… adding to my negative opinion of drag culture. But yeah, as the night went on I realized how easy it was to overtly make fun of everything he said and really got into the role of angry trans feminist dyke which pleased many people in the audience. 

3 Dreams

1 - my friend and I were hired by a baseball stadium to dress up as batman and catwoman (60s show style) and chase each other around. I was batman and I didn’t have a cape and people were confused about my body. But it was fun and we got paid (dream money though).
2 - I went to a radfem affiliated sex party. Or I was suddenly in a building known to be owned by terfs, and it was empty. I explored it a bit, but got worried about a sign describing mean dogs and was like… your fake dogs don’t intimidate me, I brought tranquilizer darts just in case… but the building was empty except for one stall in the women’s washroom where I found a tall cis guy pooping. I tell him I thought it was a woman’s only space and leave hearing him befuddled about going in the wrong room. I feel bad about gender policing and worry that they might have been a trans woman… I walk outside and realize I am in the middle of an outside sex party bbq… a faab genderqueer person comes up to me and asks if I am a woman and I say yes and they are like well then what are you doing here? I look around and there are a lot of straight up dudes amongst the faab genderqueers and political lesbians… a sort of skidly guy shows up and tells me to excuse the interrogator as they aren’t all jerks here. He takes my just around the corner, past some trees and we find a bunch of cute punks, and we pick up another guy and the 2 of them are apparently very interested in me, and adamant that we check out the party around a other corner. But then we walk into a mall and sit in a circle with a bunch of kids and start watching a puppet show… wait, what, guys I think I am gonna go back to the sex party, and the boys were pretty disappointed. I walk back to the party that has moved inside and they are in the middle of somekind of peacocking exercise where folk take turns walking in a circle so we can all see who’s at the party and who is hot I guess, and its my turn and I feel sweaty and I start running around and trying to take off the multiple sweaters I am wearing… it’s awkward. I guess that is it.
3. My mom bought a new house and I am living with her again. It’s got real big windows and a nice view of the sunset. Its like a large beautiful dinning hall. I start exploring the space a keep finding these big spaces I think I could use for cabaret practice or even hold shows in, but then every queer I know shows up to listen to a special daylong episode of this American life and I am super overwhelmed by all the people and try to go to another room but the staircase is incomplete. I see a friend upstairs and call for help. Instead he starts busting up the stairs. I am mad cause now my mom might try and use those stairs and hurt herself. But he doesn’t seem to care and he pulls me up the stairs and sits on my chest.